Kaneyoshi Koto Tanto

The first smith KANEYOSHI(兼吉) in Mino province had came from the Tegai school in Yamato domain to the Mino province in end oft he 14th - early 15th century.
He played the first chief of the Zenjo school among the Seki major schools. His works with the date of year ranges the earliest Nanbokucho from Kouou 1, (1389) to the Ouei - Eikyo (1429-1440) era, in the early Muromachi period. His initial smith name was KANEYOSHI(包吉) while he was in Tegai town in Yamato province and his given name was Seijirou 清治郎.
As the frontier of Zenjo-school, his works have been highly regarded and descended to Kanemoto, Kanefusa, Ujifusa and Kanemichi who was a father of Iga no kami Kinmichi.
All of these smith played major roles in the sword history.

This sword has a realy good Hitatsura Hamon and comes with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers that attest to its quality and condition.
The Koshira is a Top class Koshira with an exellant maki work on the saya. The Kozuka and Kogai are sign.

All in all in Top Pakage for the advanced Collector.